ACS Publications Symposium: Innovation in Materials Science & Technology, November 17-19, 2019

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ACS Publications Forum: Polymer & Materials Science is coming to Xi'an, China, October 16-17, 2019 in partnership with the 2019 National Polymer Congress. The two-day event will feature 12 world-renowned scientists from around the world. 

Featured Speakers

Mathew Becker, Duke University

Hongzheng Chen, Associate Editor, ACS Applied Polymer Materials; Zhejiang University

Guosong Chen, Associate Editor, ACS Macro Letters; Fudan University 

David Kaplan, Editor-in-Chief, ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering; Tufts University 

Liangbin Li, Associate Editor, Macromolecules; University of Science and Technology of China 

Bin Liu, Deputy Editor, ACS Materials Letters; National University of Singapore 

Shiyong Liu, Associate Editor, Chemistry of Materials; University of Science & Technology of China

Elsa Reichmanis, Executive Editor, Chemistry of Materials; Georgia Institute of Technology

Daniel A. Savin, University of Florida 

Shu Wang, Deputy Editor, ACS Applied Bio Materials; Chinese Academy of Sciences 

Dahui Zhao, Associate Editor, Chemistry of Materials; Peking University

Zhiyuan Zhong, Associate Editor, Biomacromolecules; Soochow University  

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