Cultivate a safety first mindset and prioritize hazard awareness
ACS Publications is your partner in chemical laboratory safety. With products like ACS Chemical Health & Safety and ACS Essentials of Lab Safety for General Chemistry, we will help you reduce incidents by building a safety first culture and a hazard aware population. Learn more about the journal and this new course.

ACS Chemical Health & Safety ensures that the chemical enterprise receive access to new safety research works, information, regulatory updates, effective chemical hygiene practices, and hazard assessment tools. The journal focuses on publishing high-quality articles of interest to scientists, EH&S professionals, and non-research personnel who manage or work in areas where chemicals are used or hazardous waste is generated.

Editor-in-Chief: Mary Beth Mulcahy, Ph.D., Sandia National Laboratories

ACS Essentials of Lab Safety for General Chemistry is a 2-hour on-demand course that exposes students to general concepts in chemical safety before they perform experiments in the laboratory. Using the RAMP framework, an acronym for the four principles of safety (recognize, assess, minimize, prepare), the course introduces the concepts of risk assessment, good laboratory practices, and personal responsibility for safety. Establish consistent lab safety standards across student population.

Developed and Reviewed by: Prof. Dominick Casadonte, Texas Tech University, Prof. Craig Merlic, UCLA, Prof. Weslene Tallmadge, Gannon University, Prof. Imke Schroeder, UCLA, Prof. Sue Wiediger, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
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